Brian BSMUDA Smuda here just giving you all a brief background of how it all started and the loss of that loved one on Saturday.  In 1990 my mom, Cindy Smuda, started taking my brother an I to Mt. Tom in Holyoke, MA for ski lessons.  This little squirt was a mad man even back then according to her.  She once quoted a lift operator as saying 'Slow down Speedy Gonzalez'.  Then there was that time her, my brother, and I headed to the (massive at the time) summit of the mountain via the t-bar.  I weighed probably 50lbs at the time in 1st grade and was told by this lifty that I was good to go on my own.  Well, with my mother and brother one bar behind me, I started to spin and bounce around as this was the first time riding solo.  I can remember my mom saying 'Let go! Let go!'.  Eventually I did let go (insert Titanic comment below) and the spring action of the t-bar shot the bar directly to my left eye, leaving me with my first set of stitches that night.  I clearly remember the ski patrol building and going to the ER but also having to have them taken out on Sunday night before school on Monday.  I wanted to show off my battle wound. 

But I wanted to make it public that the reason this website exists and I have such a passion for the outdoors and skiing is because of my mother.  She was so strong mentally and physically; carrying my brother's and my gear to and from the lodge from our old wagon (I love me a wagon).  Up until she went blind from her cancer two year's ago, she was an avid crossfit and Rugged Maniac athlete.  This woman could crush it.  Although we stopped skiing together as I grew older, I will always remember her saying 'Make your S-Turns!'.

So mom, as I write this from the house you called home, you'll always be in my heart and along for every chairlift ride, hike, kayak trip, etc that I go on. 

Your Son,

Brian. <3

April 20th 2017

April 20th 2017

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