Not sure how your legs are feeling today but this season threw the whole county a LOT of snow.  So we're sure each one of you got in a few solid powder days, some mashed potatoes, and maybe some slush if still grinding away.   Hell, Stowe nearly saw Helen Hunt fly by in a pick up truck the wind gusted so strong the other day (See Video Here of a demo day tent taking up up and away into the gondola.  Vail Resorts is already putting their lift operators to extra work, just kidding, but watch the video).



Saturday we made it up to Mount Snow for their 9th Annual Winter Brewer's Fest where $15 gets you an advanced entry with two beer tokens.  Those tokens will lead you to a work of weak ciders to a nearly 10% beer that you could start doing the Texas Two Step too for only $3 more a token.  It flurried all day and the lifts were spinning.  Ran into some good people and had a great time, definitely recommend attending the 10th annual next season. 

Sunday we did an iceberg plunge into the Connecticut River to do some kayaking.  Waters were raging but we got where we wanted to be.  Stupid idea to be on the river this time of the year.  We should have listened to TLC and stuck to the "Lakes that we're used to" (Please comment or like if you got that reference).

Meanwhile starting Monday, you may have been following our feeds on Social Media to see that we're miles from snow and enjoying a little Spring vacation in San Diego.  Love to quote Anchor Man but that seems too inappropriate so quote it yourself.  Been doing breakfast on the beach boardwalks, watching the surfers make their laps, definitely haven't fed any birds, counted at least 200 dogs per hour being walked (some in packs of 4 of more).  Maybe we'll move out here and become dog walkers, seems legit. 

Season Pass Sales Hat on the Beach

Tinder and Bumble photos all consist of ONE Big Bear snowboard/ski photo and another of the person standing on or around a surf board.  Every account says they're looking for 'adventure'.  Well ladies, tell you what, adventure has arrived and it leaves on Monday.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds to see some of the rad stuff we've been getting into.  Tonight (Friday the 7th) we're off to see the Padres get destroyed by the San Fransisco Giants for their home opener.  Ticket prices, outrageous.  But we've got one extra so if you're in town and looking for that 'adventure' come by Petco Park and sit in the $75 Upper Right Field Box with us.  Ticket is on the house from us. (Thank BSMDUA). 

Other than that, definitely recommend sun screen and the Lyft app.