Today marks 86 days since phase one of my brain surgery, and it also happened to be Mount Snow’s earliest opening day ever! Today was my fourth straight year on 1st chair at my home mountain.

Since the close of the season last year I had all the hopes and intentions of making it to first chair today, but as I was thrown a curve-ball on August 2nd, I wasn’t sure my body would allow me to ski. I love skiing because of the freedom. It’s just you and the snow, the cold air rushing against your face. More importantly, though, it is an opportunity to see all of you! I set out to accomplish getting first chair despite my body telling me I couldn’t.

After arriving at the mountain, I saw familiar faces from security and then the two next people to join me in line, Brian and his son Zeb. Brian, Zeb and I actually rode the 1st chair together last year. Russ was the fourth in line, completing first chair. As time passed, more people arrived and it even started to snow! You could see the line forming and overhear distant conversations, laughs, and smiles. People were even cooking breakfast in line! Those smiles made me enjoy my time at the mountain. As I made my one run down below the lift line, it was pure joy to feel the love from everybody for a sport that they adore. I set aside my body’s twitching and thought of many great memories here and I began was wave to everybody on the chairs going up as I skied down.

I wasn’t sure if I’d ski at all, let alone under 90 Days after surgery!

Thank you all! To the entire mountain staff and visitors, I consider you close like family.

Thank you for bringing my smile back.

Smile, its all good :)

Smile, its all good :)