Feel free to skip right to the video below. We just watched a new form of snowboarding and it’s rightfully named “Spring Boarding”. Once only an acrtivity for skinny, Speedo wearing divers, you may start seeing these odd creations on at a resort near you next season (If you do, please take a photo!).

Sure, it all started with skis and bobsleds, then along came snowboards then ski-blades which later helped revolutionize the ski industry with twin-tips and so on. However, this…really? What do you guys think?

Personally, this Summer’s Facebook posts about men wearing crochet shorts and lace pants seem to be more likely to catch on. Sorry if that our opinion of the “Spring Boarding” idea is laughable as it may just be the inner skier guiding that opinion.

Video sourced from ‘Shredbots Official’