The night time temps are starting to drop and foliage has begun across New England.  All of our blood is rushing as we drop off our skis for waxing, pick up the latest gear, and follow a multitude of resorts on Social Media for updates.

The question within every New Englader is "WHO WILL OPEN FIRST AND WHEN?"

To call that you'd toss together a few sure shot options but there's a new resort turning the snow guns on early; Mount Snow in Southern Vermont.  With the introduction of the West Lake Project now complete in West Dover Vermont, Mount Snow may be a contender for this battle.  With 156" of average annual snowfall, we're all crossing our fingers for more nights and days where it will be cold enough for resorts to fire up the snow guns. 

Top Three Likely to First Open: Killington, VT/  Sunday RIver, ME/  Mount Snow, VT

KIllington has already made the announcement of colder temps in their mid-Vermont location and still plans on being the King Of The East for opening first.  They have the World Cup for November 25th and 26th.  Killington has a dynamite marketing team and post videos of their staff covering Winter themed topics with humor and creativity

Sunday River seems to be the first to make their target opening date public first of the three.  Killington rebuttals by saying they will open earlier (normally by only a day).

With the addition of all the fan guns and water (snow) moving capacity, Mount Snow is calling for an early season.  Some insiders have said they are shooting to be the King this year and open first. 

It all comes down to the weather across the North East as to if it will be cold enough.  This will be the number one factor to determine who will open first.

Who do you think will take the title for 2017/18 Skiing and Snowboarding Season?