Many younger skiers on the mountain generally gravitate towards the park or are tossed into a race program by their parent’s. Often times we see young kids with their families on runs that we’d rate out of their skill level. Not to be said here. Dropping into Expert Only Access areas back in 2017, 11-year-old Kai Jones, broke that stereotype of a pre-teen skier and shows us adults how to charge some of the best lines in the country over at Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

Guts, he’s got them! Our money is on Kai to become a household name as a living legend while he grows older. As only an 11-year-old he’s crushing the steeps and cliffs that many iconic skiers had been dropping in as college students (or college-dropouts…how else do you ski bum?)

This video captures the real life struggle any little dude would have in a ski town, but Kai and team at TGR help to show his was around all that. Enjoy watching the video and think of what will come down the road!