In the Spring of 2019 as Peak Resorts began to announce and roll out their 2019/20 Season Pass they did it all new. Not only did they change up the original design of the compass which was quoted as making ‘exploration’ a theme for the Peak Pass. The passes were uniquely named after words revolving the idea of getting out to Peak’s different resorts (ie. “Explorer”, “Traveler”, “Ranger”, “Drifter”, and “Scout”). A nice subtle approach to get you thinking about visiting a different resort on your next outing.

This year the names remain the same, the logos have changed, and even more resorts were added. At this time last year, prior to the purchase of three new Pennsylvania resorts the Peak Pass only granted you access seven of their Eastern resorts. This past year they added on the three new resorts (Liberty, Roundtop, and Whitetail in PA) to allow you access to 10 resorts in the 18/19 season.

NOW….This time around they raised your chance to ‘explore’ even further. You will now have access to 13 resorts from Ohio up to New Hampshire. Will this make you leave your home mountain one weekend and check out what some of these new offerings are? Will Ohio and surrounding residents make holiday plans to flock East towards Peak’s flagship (Mount Snow) and neighboring resorts? We will come to find out these answers as this year continues then fades into a Summer of biking and other outdoor adventure packages that your pass will save you some money on. Bring it on 2019/20, more resort options are the recent trend and traveling doesn’t seem to be off of many people’s holiday plans. See you on the slopes throughout this year and again for next season. Maybe we will meet some new faces along the way.

It’s what appears to be a continued move in the right direction for the company as they try to keep up with passes such as the Epic and Ikon which offer more resorts on either pass than the Peak Pass. Let’s see how sales move this Spring/Summer/Fall as the reported growth from Peak’s PR say’s things are all on the up and up.

As always, simply written by a life long skier of some of the Peak Resorts. Curious to see what the future holds.

-Brian BSMUDA Smuda