Much like daily gym junkies, each one of us is going to choose different methods of training that suit them best.  Here are some ideas we find fun and you can care to to take or leave them.

1 - Trail Running - We generally find a trail we like and start the adventure with the stopwatch.  You don't need to run up-hill, just find varying terrain with some obstacles youcan dart and dash over to keep your reaction times and balance on point.  Some people compete in events like Tough Mudder or others which can be found near you on this site:

2 - Cycling - Whether you do Road Biking, Downhill Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, or unicycle, you're keeping your legs and cargo in great shape.  Down Hill MTB is the most extreme and arguably one of the most dangerous on the list.  So if you're an adrenaline-junkine go call your local Ski Resort and inquire about Downhill MTB programs.  

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3 -  SAVE UP! - Admit it, at this point in your life every dollar counts.  Stay at home with friends around the fire pit and crack open a PBR 30-pack or limit your drinks when you do go out.  Eat in more often.  Skip the Starbucks and brew your own coffee at home.  There's thousands of ways to save money to put towards next year's pass.  Start saving today!

4 - Eat Healthy - Look, we sell season passes and share the same passions.  We're not nutritionists, so just search the web for which current diet plan will fit your personal needs as we all vary so much.