What's up all?  I'm sure you're wondering why the title, so here's the reason.  At 10:00am I get a text asking if I wanted to make the trip to VT to hit up the new Alchemist Brewery.  "Sure, why not", I said.  As a non-drinker I knew I was the perfect +1 for this run because of the purchase limits on each beer they produce.  I mean, they were sold out of Heady Topper as we waited in line only a few short hours after the brewery opened!  Wee waited about twenty minutes to get to the register to purchase 12 4-packs I think we went with (seen below). 


Now it was off to Stowe.  I had my gear with me ready to make some runs but we sat at Spruce Lodge and took in the live music and atmosphere.  Now up at Stowe we parked and rode the gondola over to the lodge.  Here, I sparked a conversation with the bar manager about beer taps no longer in use...scored myself five tap handles!  That made me happy. 

By this time of the day most skiers were going apres and calling it a day as the clouds started to cover the mountain.  Talking with a few folks we heard conditions were 'icy'.  I wasn't surprised and kind of laughed since that is our East Coast nice name (Ice Coast).  With that being said though, I knew there was a storm coming in over the next few days and (just now at 4am) got this Google Weather update - Click below for weather read.