Took a nice trip up to the West Dover today in the 802 to visit Mount Snow Thursday.  It was an unexpected overly snowy drive North along the back roads which put a smile on our faces.  As we arrived it appeared 3" had fallen all over the Mountain and still coming down in quarter sized flakes.  No wind in the air and a warn high 20's for temperature.  

With a really optimistic outlook on what an East Coast base is, we dabbled in a quick woods run.  Needless to say there were no core shots, but the sounds were enough to keep us in the park and main face the rest of the day.

While in the lift line (I'm that guy to talk to you) I asked a few 18-29'ers where they bought their Drifter Pass from and it was refreshing to hear them say promo code 'BSMUDA' was used.  A few more runs then it was into Cuzzin's for a banging chicken quesadilla.  Seriously, I don't know how a ski resort in VT can make such a solid Mexican go-to.  

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Thanks for the read today, Brian BSMUDA Smuda